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A short story about the origins of Vans Slashing
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My journey began in Windhoek, Namibia.
I was born in in a far-away city called Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, where my dad worked as a mechanical engineer. At 7 years of age we moved to a rural town, Outjo, in the northern parts of Namibia. It is here, on the cattle property where I fell in love with the country life and everything farm related.

Early in the 1990’s we moved to South Africa where my dad got a position at the local government. It is in the rural town of Bloemfontein that I finished my schooling and enrolled at the local university, studying agriculture. In 1999 I had the opportunity to travel to Tasmania as an agricultural exchange student and worked on a farm near Deloraine for a few months. That was until the travel bug got to me so I grabbed my backpack and hit the road.

My travels took me down the east coast of Tasmania, then back up along the east coast of mainland Australia, as far as Airlie Beach where I completed my scuba dive course. Back to South Africa in the middle of 2000 I started working the real world as farm manager and moved on from to feed-lot manager.

Met my darling better half in 2002, married in 2003 and in the middle of 2008 we was offered the opportunity to migrate to Australia. Our work took us from NSW, Victoria to Queensland. Once we crossed the Queensland border, we knew that this is where we would like to live and raise our kids. So, we ended up on a farm in the Arcadia Valley, just north of Injune, Queensland, doing contracting work (a mixture of cattle work, tractor operator, truck driving through to fencing and concreting). Due to the heavy rains that fell over Queensland at the end of 2010, the work was a bit slow, so we used the opportunity to start spreading our wings.

In December 2010 we got caught in Roma, with all the roads flooded and nowhere to go or to stay. So we did the obvious, hit the road. We explored the Queensland coast from Brisbane northwards, going as far as Airlie Beach. At this point we had our minds made up. Bundaberg will be our hometown and Bargara is where we’d like to live. When we head back to Bargara we arrived pretty much with nothing. Three weeks later I was offered a plant operators position with a local contracting business. At the end of 2012 my dream came true; I was offered the opportunity to buy an existing part time business.

On the 17th of  December 2012, Vans Slashing and Mowing was born – I was the happiest man alive. To this day I am passionate about what I’m doing – enjoying the interaction with clients, the satisfaction of a positive feedback. The sort of stuff that makes me gets out of bed every morning.


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