I admit, I must have one of the more enjoyable jobs there possibly can be. Why?, Well, I get to travel all around my “backyard“, access some of the best and most scenic properties around. I get to work in that environment and get payed to do so! Top it all off the a massive big “Thank you” from a satisfied customer and my day is complete. Yep, lucky me!!


However, as in any work there are a few things that really ticks me off. The no.1 thing is surely talking to a customer that has been ripped off by a previous contractor. It might be another contractor in my industry, or any other contractor.

The thing is that the contractor’s world can be challenging. High running costs, maintenance of equipment, infrequent work, cost and reliability of labour. All these can ad to the contractor’s frustration level and add late paying customers on top of this and one can probably understand that a “hard for cash” scenario can provoke unethical behavior. No excuse however.

Way to often I come across customers that’s finding it hard to trust a new contractor. that is understandable but I’m still disappointed and annoyed.

So, I pulled some strings and I hit up a Business consultant  to shed some light on this matter in behalf of customers. Enjoy the read and I do hope that it might shed some light on your quest to secure the right contractor for whatever work it is you need to be done.

How do you select a good contractor?

Choosing the right contractor is becoming increasingly more important due to increasing amounts of work being done by small businesses. So what should you look for in regards to choosing a good contractor. I suggest two things – character and competence.
Character – odds are that you are going to need to talk, work and deal with your contractor so you best make sure that they are someone who you can get on with. You can live with having someone skilled but who is obnoxious. However, nowadays there is plenty of choice available so spend a bit more time in your search and look for someone who you ‘click with’.
Things to consider when evaluating character include do they have a good reputation, have they been truthful with you so far and delivered what they promised in regards to information and quote. Are they on time and professional?

Remember that people are like books and movies. If the movie or book starts off poorly then odds are the whole episode will be that way. Don’t get romantic and think that just because the contractor is useless at the start that something magical will happen when you give them the job.
Competence – have you seen their work? Can you see if their equipment and vehicles are in good condition? Poorly maintained gear makes it hard to provide quality work. Is their pricing middle of the range? Remember that there is a difference between good value and cheap. It is impossible to receive good work if you are only prepared to pay an impossibly low figure. You will get contractors that will take the job but you are only guaranteed heartache.

Check out Facebook, Google + or the online directories. Realize that a contractor with many reviews is more sustainable than someone who may only have a few that are done by friends and relatives. Ask on some of the community billboards to see which contractor is getting all the work.
So in essence, do you get on with them and what evidence do you have that they will do a good job? Abiding in these two decision points will help ensure you have the best chance to select a good contractor.
Take care and God bless,
Peter Bender
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Some help on finding a reputable contractor

Some of Vans Slashing and Mowing’s equipment, being prepared for a job near Childers, Queensland.

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