We are back on to the contractor theme.

In the previous discussion we share a few ideas on how to track down the right contractor for your job. As contractor myself, it did made me realize that probably the most important issue when it comes to contracting, is trust.

The customer has to be able to trust the contractor do deliver the results he/she is after. The contractor has to be able to trust the customer’s bank account and that he will get payed for the work he has done. This might be a discussion all be it self.

Getting results from your contractor

Trusty, the tractor. Having fun in the rain while trying not to get bogged.

I do put a lot of effort in to gain the trust of customers, old and new. I feel that is where having a presence in the digital world can help. Having a website, Facebook page, Instagram or any other easily accessible media source, helps building that trust.

Luckily that even in the 21st century, not all is digital and online stuff. Nothing is more powerful than a honest face to face talk. Nothing excites me more than building a trusting relationship with a particular client. Big or small. The fact is, if I as a contractor feels trusted and valued by the client, I will easily walk the “extra mile”. Without necessarily charging more for extra effort or time spent.

I know money makes the world goes around and time is money. Sometimes, being trusted and valued is worth more than extra numbers I can add to an invoice

I knocked on Peter’s door from Aquila again to share some ideas. A few hands-on tips to build that relationship to be absolutely stress free. By the way, Peter is really good. Hit hi, up if you have any questions. He is also on Face Book.

The stage is yours Peter.

Getting results from your contractor

Our John Deere mower, showing off.

How do you keep your contractor honest?

Even the best prepared contracts have issues. So how to you maximise the chances of having a successfully completed contractor job?

In my mind, it all comes down to expectations and accountability.


Be clear in your early discussions on what it is you are expecting. You may feel uncomfortable being very detailed in what you want or maybe not even sure on exactly what you need but the more information you can give the better your chances of getting your desired result. Some things you will want to know in advance include:

  • What will the end job look like?
  • How long do you expect it will take?
  • What do you need to do to support your contractor?
  • Who do you call if something starts to go ‘pear shaped’?
  • What will it cost in total (beware of hourly rates)?
  • Perhaps most importantly, what is not included?

Hopefully, you have chosen a good contractor and you are both clear on the mutual expectations. The final step is to ensure that you get what you paid for and have been promised. Don’t leave it till the end of the job to see if you got what you expect. The end of the job is the worst time to try and fix things. The contractor is finished and moving on and often the changes needed require a heap of rework and cost.

Instead, check visually occasionally or touch base with the contractor throughout the job to get an understanding if anything is becoming an issue. I wouldn’t recommend being a control freak and walking around all day with a clipboard and pen.

This image reminds me of a client of mine who charges $110 per hour, $130 per hour if the client watches and $180 an hour if the client feels the need to give advice during the job! So find the balance between ensuring things go according to plan and giving trust to your contractor to do the job properly by themselves.

Set up the terms of the work in good detail and then check intermittently to ensure everyone understands and delivers what is needed. This will make a happy you and a happy contractor.

Take care and God bless,

Getting results from your contractor

The logo that spells trust.

Peter Bender


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