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Another month has come and gone. A busy one as well during all the public holidays.

I’d guess I’d touch on the whole “size” thing in this chat. Not only does it sound very confident and impressive but I truly believe that in my game, size does matter. I actually see it as USP of Vans Slashing and Mowing. USP, that is a Unique Selling Point. It simply means that I have something special that my company offers customers. Something that other similar companies does not or can not offer.

I received a call from a property owner this morning. His conversation went pretty much like this: “Mate, I’ve got a block of just over an acre. My little ride on mower died while I was trying to mow the grass that has been getting out of hand over the holiday. Can you slash or mow it down?”

It is actually a type of phone call that I regularly get. It is easy to underestimate what is needed to cut grass that has been growing for a bit.

Here is a few photos of a practical example I saw last week. This is typical when a mower is too small and is simply just not designed for the task.

When size does matter.

fig1. Clearly the mower used to mow this block wasn’t up for the task. Resulting in a higher cut and a very untidy result.

This block was bordering a property that I was asked to slashed. I couldn’t help but notice how untidy this looks. So what happened here? Whoever mowed this block probably used a ride on mower that was not up for the task. Unless it was the owner mowing his own block, seeing work like this does make me a bit hot under the collar. Here’s why.

1 – Mowing a block so high results in more regular mowing than needed. Costing the customers extra.

2 – Using too small equipment makes that it also takes longer to mow. If the owner is charged per hour, guess who is on the short end of the stick?

3 – Well, it simply looks awful and l couldn’t help but wonder if the operator actually turned around, looked at it and felt satisfied.

So, what is the right way to solve this? Here is what happened on the bordering block.

When size does matter.

fig.2 Just to show how long the grass was when it got slashed.


In figure 2 shows how high and thick the grass is. I ran it over with a 115 horse power tractor and a 7 foot wide Extreme Heavy Duty slasher.

Overkill you might think. Well, the tractor might be a bit big on the block in relation to a mower.

Let me entertain you with the results. A picture is worth a thousand words.

When size does matter.

Can you spot the difference? The further block was previously shown and can be seen here in contrast to the area in the foreground that was run over by the slasher.

Here is some more photos, explaining the difference.

When size does matter.



I used my watch as a reference to indicate the two different results. See that the grass on this block covers the watch completely. Remember, this was mowed only the day before I slashed the bordering block.



When size does matter.



This is my watch just after the slasher went over, cutting grass down that was really thick and two feet high as was shown before.



When size does matter.

This picture clearly shows all three areas. The “long cut”, neatly cut” and “uncut”. Clearly showing the difference.

In the foreground can the questionable work standard be seen. To the right of the tractor, the newly slashed area and obviously to the left of my mean green slashing machine, the area yet to be slashed. It is about 5 meters to the left of where the tractor is now, where I took the photo of my watch 10 minutes later.

So what does this whole rant means for you, the property owner who has to hand over your hard earned to some guy you never met and who’s phone number you got from local search?

Make sure that the company you engage to do the work has the right equipment that will be able to do the work required. Don’t be afraid to ask. Ask them how low can he mow or slash the grass. Ask if he lets the cutting deck overlaps to make sure every single grass stalk is cut down? Ask for photos of previous work, ask for references or ask to have a look at properties the contractor has worked recently or is currently working.

Don’t be shy to ask for a “before and after” photo. We have a few customers that asks for it.

Keep in mind, bigger equipment’s running cost are more than the cost of running a small domestic grade ride on mower. So, don’t be put off by the contractor quoting you a rate of $100 per hour to slash your block. While the contractor with a 40 inch mower deck and a 12 horse power petrol engine might charge you only $50 per hour. The tractor will most probably do the same block in only a few minutes while the ride on will probably run for an hour or more to cover the same area. Add to this the difference in that quality of work as explained earlier.

Back to the two photos with my watch on it. The difference in cutting height would probably represent three week’s worth of growth. Should that be maintained to stay within council regulations. The one block would need mowing at least three weeks earlier that the low cut block. On a 12 month basis, guess which mowing method will cost the owner more?

Here is a classic example I drove past over the weekend. Whoever attempted to mow this block with his domestic ride on did completely overestimate the capabilities of his equipment. The result is a messy look, probably a spindle bearing or a bent mowing deck that will cost him and the humiliation of giving me a call that says he just busted his little mower and needs help.

When size does matter.

Clearly visible is the are that the operator tried to mow.

When size does matter.

Can you spot where the little mower has decided that enough is enough. See, I told you, size does matter!!








Next time your block needs some TCL, make sure you call a contractor with the right tools for the job. Don’t be scared by the hourly rate of big equipment, think efficiency, think productivity, think quality of work, think work standard, think big, think of Vans Slashing and Mowing.

At Vans Slashing and Mowing we believe in old school honesty and ethics. Meaning that we believe it is unethical to mow or slash grass high so that we can do the same block more often. Our customers lives all over Australia and can’t always check on our work, so we need to be honest and reliable. A big part of our work is for local government and councils, meaning we get payed from you, the taxpayers money. We have a responsibility towards our fellow Australians of offer quality, ethical work and value for money.

If you would have any questions regarding this topic, our work or any advice. If you would like to share your thoughts on ethical slashing and mowing practices. please be in contact.

Please feel free to contact us at any time via our website, Find “Vans Slashing and Mowing” on facebook or search “vansslashing” on Instagram.

You can also call me on my mobile at 0429862236.

Enjoy Autumn, keep smiling and make the best of every day.



Vans Slashing and Mowing

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